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Location: Budlong Woods is part of Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. Its borders are Bryn Mawr Avenue (5600N) to the north, Western Avenue (2400W) to the east, Foster Avenue (5200N) to the south and the North Branch of the Chicago River (3000W) to the west.

Neighborhoods Nearby: Ravenswood, North Park, Arcadia Terrace

ZIP Code: 60625

This is a simply lovely north side neighborhood. In fact, you could say the population and popularity of Budlong Woods is budding and growing, especially for families who are drawn to its quiet tranquility, tree-lined streets and lush landscapes by the river. There is also a wonderful wooded expanse on its western perimeter called Legion Park that is ideal for family picnics, a hike or bike ride. At one point in time, the neighborhood was in a pickle, literally. It was a pickle farm to begin with developed by Lyman and Gregory Budlong, who grew cucumbers and eventually opened a thriving pickle business.

The Budlong’s business drew immigrants (German, Greeks, Koreans) who came to work on the many farms that dotted the landscape. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the rural community turned more urban as people poured into the area attracted by the quietness of the community and its relative proximity to downtown Chicago. Fortunately for everyone, the flavor of the old world can still be savored (perhaps with pickles included) in the truly international dining scene.

Dining Deliciously: Budlong Woods is deliciously defined by a menu of dining treasures from all over the world, though Greek is a predominant food theme. Go Greek with American overtones at the Hub Restaurant at 5220 N. Lincoln; it’s got everything you can desire from Greek chicken to baklava. There’s a deli too where you might encounter some Budlong pickles though they may be long gone from the menu. Another hot spot is Mekato’s Bakery, where Columbian food is big and the baking is super special. For more information on these and other restaurants head for www.chicago.menupages.com

Browsing Housing:This is the place for families and others who want lots of lawn and bigger backyards where the kids can play freely. There’s a big mix of housing to choose from, including two-story brick homes, traditional bungalows, and two and three-flats that have been rehabbed in recent years and converted to condos with many of the latest amenities. Why not begin your search with Mike Kaufman from Kaufman Realty, Inc., as your experienced guide. Mike knows Budlong Woods. He grew up here and lived in this beautiful north side neighborhood for twenty-eight years. Here’s what you can expect price-wise:

Property Type: Price Range:
One bedroom condo $95,000 to $222,000
Two bedroom condo $78,000 to $398,000
Three bedroom condo or townhome $150,000 to $505,000
Detached single family home $340,000 to $855,000

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