Location: Peacefully situated in northern Cook County, 15 miles north of Chicago.
Neighborhoods Nearby: Wilmette, Glenview, Glencoe, Highland Park, Wilmette
Zip Code: 60043

It’s easy to get carried away by the financial worth of Kenilworth. Forbes Magazine ranked it as the second most affluent neighborhood in the U.S., which makes you wonder what the first can be. To the 2,513 people who live here, however, there’s more to Kenilworth than a spreadsheet, including the spreading chestnuts and the warm, welcoming personality of this community.

This is the town founded by John Sears in 1889 and the old Sears Tower downtown is a testimony to the towering figure of this man. Far from that bustling urbanity, lays the sanity of Kenilworth’s privacy, peace and tranquility. Enjoy the Kenilworth Fountain that bubbles over its welcome to you. Soak up the sun on the Kenilworth Beach, a rarely frequented gem right off Sheridan Ave. The Kenilworth Church is an ivy covered, brick edifice could have hosted Kate and William’s wedding—it’s that royal. And of course, all around you’ll find homes, manors, estates and leafy- covered streets that make this a neighborhood and a half. Take a half day to scout it with real estate expert Michael Kaufman.

Redefining Dining
We drew a blank on restaurants in Kenilworth for one reason: there aren’t any. That does not mean fine dining is not available. In fact, it’s a block or two or three away at Michael’s in Winnetka, offering a truly elegant dining experience at 64 Green Bay Rd in Winnetka. Down the road a piece in Wilmette are The Noodle, Valley Lodge Tavern, ConvitoItaliano and even Walker Brothers Old Fashioned House of Pancakes. Good taste is the rule of the day in the restaurants and all of Kenilworth.

Browsing Housing in Kenilworth
If you’re at home with finding the best and living in a community that is luxurious and lovely and speaks of the prestige of being able to afford it, speak to veteran realtor, Michael Kaufman. Even though there are only around 850 homes in total in Kenilworth, Mike can help you find the one in your price range (from $600,000 to over $6 million). You can cruise up and down the mansion-laden streets and appreciate the art of architecture here with many prairie style homes built by famed architect, George Mather. There is a bleak minimum of condominiums. New construction is an option, though you’ll have to build to high standards—but then your standard of living will be up there too.

Property Type: Price Range:
Detached single family homes $490,000 to $9,734,000

Kenilworth Neighborhood Listings