East Rogers Park

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East Rogers Park Chicago Real Estate Apartment for Sale / Rentals

Location: Lake Michigan to Ridge (2200W), Devon (6400N) to Howard (7600N)

Nearby Neighborhoods: West Rogers Park, Loyola

Zip Code: 60626

East Rogers Park, Chicago’s north-most neighborhood, could be mistaken for a vacation town with its proximity to Lake Michigan, gorgeous beaches, tons of parks and people out and about enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities (during summertime, anyway). But those who live here can and do get down to business—in the immediate area—and by jumping on the CTA’s Red Line and arriving in Chicago’s Loop in only 25 minutes. It’s that close, and far and away a highly sought-after neighborhood for housing.

You could call this thriving area “everything that is not Rogers Park,” but a more accurate description might be the “section of Rogers Park that lies east of Clark Street on the far north side of Chicago.”

As a real plus, this neighborhood is remarkably multi-cultural. Among the more than 60,000 residents, more than 80 languages are spoken. At the Rogers Park Baptist Church, the congregation is comprised of immigrants from 21 countries representing five continents. And only two words need to be spoken when it comes to education: “Loyola University.”

Ethnic Food Emporium Naturally, with the amazing mix of cultures, you’d expect—and you get—a vast array of ethnic foods and flavors to choose from in this neighborhood. For great fare in East Rogers Park, park yourself at A Taste of Peru on Clark Street or Las Islas for Mexican. For Middle Eastern, there’s Masouleth and down home good eats at the American Chicken and Fish Shack. It’s all topped off at the Toham African Restaurant on Devon. Mike’s favorite for burgers Revival Social Club on Granville and Moody’s Pub on Broadway. For more information on dining, check out www.explorechicago.org or www.chicago.menupages.com

Browsing Real Estate East Rogers Park has its own personality and if you want to own here, you can find what you’re looking for. Mike Kaufman of Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc., would be thrilled to lend his experienced assistance. Forget West Side Story, Mike knows the East Rogers Park story and will definitely “find a place for you.” Your search can be along tree-lined streets where smaller, single-family homes are available. Or search and find home sweet home in a condominium, apartment, low-rise flat, or two-and three story walk-up.

Renovation has become the rule of the day here, especially near the lake where you can find lovely condos with lake views. Many of the rehabbed structures also offer perks, like work-out rooms, tennis courts, and parking. .

Property Type: Price Range:
One bedroom condo $73,000 to $253,000
Two bedroom condo $79,000 to $519,000
Three bedroom condo or townhome $114,000 to $618,000
Detached single family home $313,000 to $912,000

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